How to Clean a Virus Infected Computer

Before you learn the steps on how to clean a virus infected computer, you might as well want to have the basic information first on how you can get a computer virus.

There are various causes of computer virus infections, the most common of which is through email. A lot of grim email viruses have come out over the years and they have brought serious damages to the computer industry. Your computer can also get virus infections through the Internet. Unfortunately, your computer can be infected by simply visiting a web page. The possibilities are infinite, be extra careful when downloading things from the Internet.

Here are some easy steps on how to clean a virus infected computer:
  • Disconnect from the Internet or any other network connections once you suspected that your computer has been infected. This will prevent the unintentional spreading of the virus to other computers.
  • Run the anti-virus software if you have any In case you don't have virus-scanning software installed, you must get one either from a network administrator or you can download from a virus-free computer.
  • Start your computer which is still disconnected from any network and just follow the instructions from the anti-virus software.
  • Keep the software running until the computer is declared free of any computer virus infections.
  • Resume connection to the Internet and download the latest updates from the anti-virus software's publisher.
  • Once the anti-virus software has been updated, you must run it again to make sure your computer is clean and virus-free.
Prevention is always better than cure. Aside from learning the steps on how to clean a virus infected computer, it would be best if you learn first how to prevent your computer from getting any virus infections.

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