How to Make Steamed Dumplings or Siomai

One of the best-selling dimsum is the steamed dumplings or siomai. It is available in different variety such as pork, beef, shrimp, and chicken among others and it goes better with chili garlic, soy sauce and calamansi.

Steamed dumpling or commonly known as siomai is a staple dimsum in China but easily gained popularity in the Philippines that's why carts selling siomai are very visible in almost every corner. You can order siomai in fine dining restaurants and at the same time, you can also find them being sold as street foods. This yummy Chinese dumpling is actually easy to prepare. In fact you can even learn how to make steamed dumplings or siomai in the comforts of your homes. It can be eaten as is and it can also be paired with rice.

Because siomai is steamed, it is very flavorful and the ingredients are well incorporated plus the fact that steaming is a healthy way to cook your food. Steaming siomai doesn't take that long, but it's the preparation that will take much of your time.

The main ingredients are ground pork, wanton wrapper, shredded or finely chopped carrots, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, eggs, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

You just have to mix all ingredients and then wrap about a tablespoon of the mixture with a wanton paper. Line them in a steamer and steam for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on whether it's pork, beef, shrimp or chicken.

The advantage of learning how to make steamed dumplings or siomai is that you can create a taste that works for you. Although you can easily buy them practically anywhere, it is cheaper if you prepare your own. And for sanitary reasons, you'll be more at peace if you know how they are prepared. Siomai is a versatile food because it's good as it is, as appetizer, or it can even be served as the main dish. It's also good to go as snacks paired with your favorite drinks.

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